September 16



In Memoriam Pierre le Fort 1936-2016

My number one blog fan, Uncle Peter, has passed over to another place. Let us hope it has snowy mountains and oceans of blue and whoever is in charge has given him a pair of carve skis and a couple of dingies. Peter fought the effects of a serious stroke and cancer for the last three years.   Not for nothing was he known as ‘Pierre le Fort’.

My own Dear Dad has not made a huge improvement but has a good suntan and has caught plenty fish this summer. These are vital Cotton life landmarks.

Home. Unbelievably in June I moved into a solid croft house with insulation and central heating and a decent landlord, who is putting up with fleece snow in his garden. I have a dedicated wool room, bookshelves and friends can stay in relative luxury. The question is will I miss that all-pervading smell of peat and fixing rotten smoke boxes?

img_3365 img_3347









In the last two weeks I washed twenty fleeces by hand in two old lobster and crab tanks. (That’s about 40 kilos of wool) It looks primitive but it works. As it is all seasons in one day here on Uist, it’s maddening drying weather.

There’s a large blip in this blog over the summer months. The Cowshed exhibition went well in terms of learning and has no doubt helped to secure a mentorship with Emergents.  This is good news for Cotton Felt.  I have also caught several wild brownies and suffered serious wind burn.

img_2504 img_3072











On the earnings front, the local food project, at the cutting edge of sustainable living, climate change and local community empowerment is keeping the wolf from the door. My diet has become even more localised. It’s a relief to be back growing and I love cooking for volunteers and small visitors.

The Sprout turned eight and remains woman’s best friend. Mr Cheese and Uisge are fortunately still part of our lives.



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