While I keep the blog updated with life on Uist, I have perhaps been remiss in recording works made in the last few years, in a separate location. They are part of my island life, happen in tandem with my life here, according to weather, tides, bird migrations, sheep welfare, work routines and other random factors.

My work is a contemporary response, strongly born of this fierce place which  also respects the rich cultural heritage of these Gaelic-speaking Islands. The felted vessels, pods, hangings and throws I make are made from wool grown on Uist crofts and other natural materials gathered locally.

The drawings are investigations of this harsh place, often linked to the life of birds and enable me to think and consider the landscape beyond its superficial beauty. They are made using pastel, pencil, charcoal and watercolour.

I have created a gallery which I will continue to add to…


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